I wear a lot of hats. 🎩🧢🎓

Besides making art, I teach university classes and work on creative projects with all sorts of people. I hate having too much free time, so if you need help with a web, media, or design project, just get in touch.


  • Deep knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Traditional and digital illustration.
  • Creative problem-solving and collaborative work.
  • Professional copy writing and editing.

With decades of making images and artwork, I have an intimate understanding of composition and color that I love applying to modern design projects. I’ve designed for print and web, and managed campaigns for political groups and universities.

I love micro-managing typography and layout details on the screen, but I also know how to find shortcuts when deadlines approach and everything needs to be put together in the real world. I’ve installed exhibits in galleries and public spaces, and worked with print-shops and vendors to find the best solutions for every project.

Campaign branding for Marc Friedenberg for U.S. Congress.

Speculative design for Rogue NASA

Online branding for Water Under the Bridge and SciArt Center.

Buttons and posters for Centre CAN activist network.


  • Deep knowledge of CSS/SASS.
  • PHP and custom WordPress theming.
  • Javascript and Jquery
  • Foundation and Bootstrap frameworks.
  • Media optimization and SEO.
  • Human-first user experience design.
  • Mailchimp, event calendars, and all the cloud services.

I’ve created websites for many of my own projects, but I’ve also designed sites for universities and organizations. I believe in a holistic approach to web design—using my background in fine art to make beautiful layouts and graphics, while hand-coding custom themes and tinkering with the latest CSS and Javascript features.

Dynamic Action Calls, events, and user submissions.

People's Production website screenshot

Custom landing page with an awesome responsive calendar.

Marc for PA website

Congressional campaign for Marc Friedenberg.


  • DSLR and cinema camera operation.
  • Years of experience with Premiere and AfterEffects.
  • Live audio recording and event mixing.
  • Mixing and mastering podcasts, music, and film audio.
  • Music production in Ableton Live.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of audio/video gear during my years of academic and studio work. Whether working on a set full of expensive hardware, or improvising with consumer gear in the woods, I understand film and media production from beginning to end.

I’ve recorded live performances and scripted films, and always make the results shine with my obsession over post-production. With my wide-ranging skillset, I can produce animations, music, and other media to add to a project. I love mixing big soundtracks and finding the perfect edit for a video.


  • Experience teaching artists and non-artists alike.
  • Collaborative teaching in academic classes and non-credited workshops.
  • Innovative online teaching with international groups of students.


I’ve taught art and design at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Johns Hopkins, and the Pennsylvania State University. I’m currently teaching a collaborative, interdisciplinary course at Penn State that explores anatomical illustration through historical research, design projects, and lab work.

I specialize in all things digital, from web design to maker skills, though I’ve also led roaming workshops on wild fermentation that sent participants home with sourdough starters and homemade soda.

Wild fermentation workshop with the Foggy Bottom Sculpture Biennial.

Foley sound workshop at Penn State University.

Circuit Bending workshop at Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center.