A 3d rendering of computer punchcards.

Random Access Memories

art Online,
  • writing
  • web

An old stack of computer punch cards leads to an investigation of how memory intertwines with materials. Both the fictional protagonist and author of this short story use technology to translate physical objects into an exhaustive digital portrait. Macro-photography, audio recording, and 3D scanning are used to extract clues from paper artifacts from the dawn of computing. As the digital representations of the punch cards grow more detailed, the multimedia mystery asks how much of ourselves are left behind by the things we touch?

Wrapped paper package with text overlay

Experience the story at the project website.

This intimate story uses modern web animations and 3D capabilities to supplement prose with real and imagined evidence, eventually taking a hard turn into science fiction.

Random Access Memories is part of Digital Fringe in the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe festival.