A photo of a woman holding a smartphone while standing on a round sidewalk decal.

Quantum Tours Americana

art Arlington,
  • public art
  • audio

Quantum Tours Americana is the premiere time travel tourism service of Earth, providing immersive experiences in a variety of exciting time periods. Using the Quantum Tours website or iOS app, participants can listen to eight unique audio tours that take listeners on a trip through time. Each tour tells a story from the history of Ballston, using interviews with local experts and recordings from the Arlington Historical Society to transport listeners into another world.[/column]

These stories bring new perspectives to Ballston, as lush sound effects and music recreate what it was like to stroll through the early days of the American settlers or the bustling streets of the far future. Guiding listeners through these disparate elements are Quantum Tour Guides Rick Vallance and his artificial intelligence program. Their narrations are combined with contemporary and historical recordings to touch on subjects like sustainability, technology, and community. Experience this rich mix of fantasy and history at quantum-tours.com or download the iOS app.

Visit the project's website (circa 2014) to listen to all the tours.