Three people wearing lab coats talking to a women while pushing a white hand cart.

Field Station at emerge

art Baltimore,
  • performance
  • public art
  • sculpture

For the 2013 (e)merge art fair in Washington DC, the Chronoecology Corps was presented as an active laboratory based in the parking garage of the Capitol Skyline Hotel. Performers roamed the fairgrounds regularly with gardening tools to collect natural specimens and return them to the field station. Visitors to the parking garage found rows of jarred samples and piles of plant material which the performers invited them to examine.

laboratory installation in parking garage

Claiming relative ignorance of 21st Century biology, the Chronoecologists asked visitors for help identifying rocks, berries and plant clippings. Once part of the lab work, participants were shown the interactive simulators used by the Corps, and brought further into the group's fictional world. Conversations about the local urban environment, art, and time travel ensued.

Washington City Paper called the Chronoecology Corps "one of four artists to see" at the fair. See additional press from Peri0d, and