Bold white text reading Planet B against a night sky with an illustration of figures in a massive circle.

There is a Planet B

Whoops, I've got a big new project and I forgot to post anything about it here. Proper documentation will be included in my project timeline at some point, for now:

🥁 🥁 🥁

Planet B is a serial fiction newsletter (one novella-length story released in twice-weekly installments). It’s also a digital art project of sorts, with digital designs, fake ads, and spinoff-websites from the world of the story to enrich the reading experience.

It’s a story about the climate crisis, technology, and the drive to make a better world — but with some mercenaries and globe-trotting espionage to spice things up. Each chapter is designed to be read quickly, like a newsletter, so I hope you can find time to join the story over the coming weeks.

You can subscribe to get new chapters via email every Tuesday and Friday, or follow on Twitter or Instagram. All published chapters will be available on the project website.

Here's the official synopsis:

As Earth’s climate collapses, an influential tech company has built a portal to a habitable world on the other side of the galaxy — and they're not going to screw this one up.

To gain admittance, you must prove your skills, morality, and sustainability on the battlefield of social media. Powerful forces are are determined to find the portal: governments, billionaires… a young reporter looking for a big break, and a mercenary hacker whose sister becomes the latest recruit for the off-world utopia. But so far, the portal remains hidden.