People’s Production Film Shoot

My latest project is an experimental crowd-sourced movie currently being produced at Penn State University. Based out of the Borland Project Space, I’m drafting ideas for a short film with the help of anyone who stops by. A wall of blank paper and screenwriting prompts is being used to generate the plot for the movie, and shooting will involve random volunteers on campus.

In order to involve as many people as possible, the volunteer actors will say a single line of dialogue or act out a simple action—portraying characters with dozens of actors who will be edited together in a madcap cinematic experiment. Simple props and context should make the story somewhat cohesive, at least according to this test reel I made several years ago:

The project has been featured in the Centre Daily Times, and the student-run Collegian. For more information and a full schedule of events (including foley sound recording and a scoring sessions), check out the dedicated project website.

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