Micro-Ecosystem Workshops

Outdoor fermentation workshop

As part of the Foggy Bottom Microobservatory in Washington D.C. I recently led a workshop about natural fermentation and wild microorganisms. After meeting at the Microobservatory itself, we discussed the near universal presence of wild yeasts and microbes and their legacy within a given environment. Yeasts replicate identical copies of each other, leading us to wonder if wild yeasts from Foggy Bottom’s historical breweries could still be present in the area. By cultivating wild microbes for foods and drink, we can literally ingest a living environment and transform our own micro-ecosystems.

Participants in the workshops learned about my project of cultivating wild yeasts for homebrewing beer, and made naturally carbonated sodas and sourdough starters that they took home at the end of the day. We also used sanitized cotton swabs to sample local plant life in hops of discovering wild yeast for brewing.

A second workshop will be offered on Saturday September 17 from 12:30-1:30pm.

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