The Lost Adventures of Matthew Fontaine Maury

2014, Exhibition at Arlington Art Center


installation shot of entire exhibition

This site-specifc exhibition explores the fictional world of the Chronoecology Corps alongside the history of Matthew Fontaine Maury: a prolific American scientist and namesake of the building where the exhibition took place. The exhibition tells the story of how Maury supposedly joined the Corps for a joint scientific mission throughout time and space.

Actual charts and documents from Maury's careers in oceanography and astronomy are shown alongside objects relating to the Corps' own mission of natural curiosity. Many of the scientific documents are paired with futuristic devices that simulate natural phenomena for viewers to interact with. This mix of art and science is also developed by artifacts and photographs of past Chronoecology Corps performances, genuine relics that twist temporary public art into a traditional museum exhibit. Altered historical photographs show Maury traveling through time with the Corps, and many other elements in the show confuse fact and fiction.


At right: "Matthew Fontaine Maury." Berdann Bros. 1853. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division


Exhibition Details

An interactive simulator creating a breeze through dried leaves. An interactive simulation showing a shooting star alongside the big dipper, inspired by a text by Maury Wall text and supporting photographs One of Maury's books alongside fictional artifacts. Historical photo documenting Maury's time travel exploits.

A large scale wind chart created by Maury exhibited alongside an original map of the multiverse inspired by Maury's design. Click below for a full scale image.