The Sounds of Tomorrow

As the Rebellion for Autonomous Future grew to include ever more images of the traditional future, it became apparent that audio was also an essential part of the media-fueled vision studied by the RAF. The sound effects collected by this effort are evidence of various historical trends in mainstream film’s depiction of the future, and represent the democratic interest the RAF has in appropriation.

Meant as both critique and fetishizaiton, a musical performance allowed visitors the pleasure of exploring this archive through tactile button-pressing. This allowed an intuitive means of appropriating the sound effects towards new creative processes, while questioning the nuances of a form of artwork usually regulated to the background of experience.

Noticing that most of the futuristic sounds in film originate from technology, how does the work of sound designers and engineers affect the everyday experience of the audience? In addition to performing a DJ-set of songs created from these sound banks, visitors were encouraged to explore the sounds and sketch out their own beats and melodies. The piece was first presented at the Figment Art Festical 2011 on Governor’s Island in New York, and later as part of the Rebellion for Autonomous Future exhibition at Chashama 42nd St, where it was presented as a free-standing kiosk.


An album of music composed entirely from this archive is available here.