The Rebellion for Autonomous Future

gallery installation of newspaper clippings and messy office

Collecting a wide survey of depictions of the future, the archives of the Rebellion for Autonomous Future (RAF) lay out a singular vision of futurity that has been distributed by the variedĀ formsĀ of Western culture. Shiny visors, sleek domed architecture, glistening white cityscapes; the images conjured be the word “futuristic.” According to its multimedia installations, the RAF presents this vision as a homogenous endgame that strips humanity of vital creativity and funnels it toward an inevitable outcome first glimpsed in science fiction.


a painting of a futuristic cityscape


Stemming from its roots in fiction and pop culture, the studies of the RAF (and the group) itself are entirely fictional. Interwoven among actual photographs and magazine clippings, are artworks attributed to fictional authors and presented as actual historical material. Its fabricated documents, publications, and archives oppose the singular aesthetic of the typical future by relishing all things antique, handmade, and imperfect. The overt commitment to the aesthetics of underground movements and the Avant Garde hints that even the rebellion of the RAF is rooted in the dreams of mass media.


The following images show selections from the RAF’s archive as well as documents from the group’s secret campaign against the future.



The work of the RAF continues in Sounds of Tomorrow and the RAF 2010 Census.