Birdland and the Anthropocene

A group exhibition at the historic Peale Museum in Baltimore begins with the premise that “fifty percent of birds in the United States are imperiled and could disappear within a century” and presents responses from 28 artists on the life of birds in Twenty First Century America.

virtual reality art video

I created two new site-specific works for Birdland and the Anthropocene, including a hologram and a virtual reality film, which you can watch below.


To watch video with VR goggles: open in YouTube app, tap goggle icon, and set quality as high as possible.


Avian Perspective  is an experimental film shot with a 360-degree camera. Intended to show the modern world from the perspective of birds, the film uses unsettling perspectives and video effects to survey encounters with feathered friends mundane and exotic.

Menagerie hologram installation

The second piece included in the exhibition is Menagerie, a hologram projection that transforms a room in the dusty museum with the aid of an old stage illusion. Pepper’s Ghost is a simple effect that has been used in theater and haunted houses to create realistic apparitions, and is frequently labeled as “holographic” technology in contemporary venues. Much like the display cases of natural and artistic wonders that once filled the Peale Museum, Menagerie displays sublime creatures behind a pane of glass.