Announcing People’s Production

People's Production

This October, I will finally be launching a long-gestating project at Pennsylvania State University with the help of the Borland Project Space. and collaborators on campus.

People’s Production will be a crowd-sourced movie, produced as the result of three weeks of participatory art and workshops designed to reveal the filmmaking process. During the first week, participants can suggest character ideas, plot devices, and specific dialogue as the gallery is transformed into a makeshift writers’ room. During a public workshop, I will synthesize these audience suggestions into a story with the help of film professor Anita Gabrosek.

The film will be shot over the course of two weeks at Penn State, during which random people on campus will be drafted to act of individual scenes or lines of dialogue. These short clips will be edited together to produce a short film where characters’ appearances are constantly shifting, the plot held together by props and context. Here’s a test reel I shot in 2014 at Johns Hopkins:

The goal is to involve as many people as possible, to give them an view into the filmmaking process. I’m recruiting some students to be involved more substantially, and will include activities like foley sound recording and scoring in the gallery as the film takes shape.

Learn more at the project website or follow @peoplesproduction on Instagram.

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